Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Herlitz Traveller´s Notebook- style in a4

I found something interesting while I was shopping for groceries. There were notebooks in Traveller´s Notebook- style by Herlitz both in a5 and a4 sizes. They are made of strong and pliable plastic and have grooves on the spine to secure the placement of rubber bands. Unfortunately the buyer of the grocery store must be of the hellokitty-sort since these delights only came in light pink and light green. Understandably the pink one was left on the shelves as I opted for the green version. 
This flex cost me only 7,95 €. Notebooks alone are worth as much, let alone a hard wearing cover such as this.

Herlitz offered information on the paper band that this thing actually comes in variety of sorts, plastic, canvas-look and leather-look. One can also opt for different hued rubber bands. 

Inside the a4- sized covers came two notebooks. One lined (9mm spacing) and a grid (5 mm spacing) notebook. Both perforated. When ripped off the perforation very neatly gives the paper in without any extra wiggling- this is not a common phenomena in the world of perforation. Paper quality is not too shabby but it is not great either. Now, I will be the first to admit to being a complete paper-snob so I will gladly just excuse myself at this point. What needs be mentioned that even the wettest ink does not feather nor does it bleed regardless if you even held the tip of the pen at place for a while. Being 80 gsm weight, it does shadow but clearly their paper quality extends the average 80 gsm. paper.

Despite the "high quality" pictures I quickly snapped with my phone, the paper is white, not ivory as it seems. 

Rubber bands to the covers would be easily changeable. Herlitz promises that the flex is light weight and they are not lying about it either. I have actually used this in my personal planning as I have completely transferred to a4-sized notebooks and it does hold what is necessary quite nicely. One alteration I had to make immediately was to tie knots to the rubber bands holding the notebooks. They were just too loose and the notebooks had too much give to wobble about the spine area.

I actually have thought about spray-painting this to black or simply gluing a piece of nice quality leather atop the light green. The covers themselves do not show any signs of use and I have tossed this about in my bags, on my desk, on table tops, on my bedside tables etc. Where ever I go, this goes with me. 

I found Herlitz´s video from YouTube- Land. In the video it is mentioned that the flex comes in "plastic, leather and linen". However, in the band around the notebook it is clearly mentioned of the linen-look and leather-look options. 
I wanted to mention this because if I happened upon ordering a "leather" cover (based on the product promoting video) and ended up with a synthetic product on my greedy hands, I would not feel tremendously entertained.  

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