Monday, 27 April 2015

Quick, easy and inexpensive TN covers.

A brief hullo.
I have now lived in TN that is regular sized otherwise but I´ve shortened it by 3 cm´s. 
Warmer months have come upon us and portability becomes even a greater issue than before. 

I will go back to the shortened version of regular TN in due time, but in this short post I´d like to address quick, no fuss, inexpensive TN covers. Probably even a baboon could make these so no need for even basic leather working skills are required. 

All you need is cardboard and rubber band. I have some craft paper and cardstock, all varying between 120-200 gsm.  If it´s on the lighter side, I just glue two sheets together before cutting. If I´m glad with cardstock thickness, I´ll just cut merrily away. I round the edges, also will round the middle point of cardstock. I will slide a rubber band to the covers and call it a day. That´s it. The rounded groove in the middle will hold the rubber band in place. 

I usually boink a hole for closing elastic to the mid-back covers but this time I thought to myself... why not try the mid-back for a chance. I remembered why I hatehatehate the knot at the spine, it pokes the whole bunch of notebooks away from spine and you want them to be close to the spine instead. See the absolutely dreadful gap at the spine. Uuuurgh!   

Another point. Paper loves paper. Flattability won´t be an issue and when covers need changing, it won´t be hard to look for another quick fix. Print the covers for added wo-hoo element, if you so are inclined. 
There is no reason to why not to cover the cardstock in plastic, one way or another... but I do love the feeling of paper for myself and as tatted pages are a mark of a book well loved, TN makes no difference in my eyes.

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