Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Beginnings

Hello all.
I figured it´d be time to start a new and shiny blog.

This blog will probably a place to think out loud about random subjects.
No doubt there will be books, interiors, grinding teeth about EDS, getting organized and planning including planners and stationary in general.

So I´ll see you when I´ll see you.
No doubt it´ll be soon enough.
The Olympics have been unleashed and I have thoughts, you see.
Evgeni Plushenko! Evgeni plushenko! How do I go on with my evening. Evgeni!
Jeremy Abbott shows the ultimate secret of life. No matter how many times you fall down, you get up. No matter how many times you fall down, you get up one more time that you´ve fallen down. It´s not complicated, but it does hurt sometimes.
And damn about that one Norwegian´s speed skating suit... could they not accommodate him to a partly more, umm... generous outfit. That torture devise looked nothing short of painful! I wonder if he´s already had his kids?
And German skiers and speed skaters, most uncompromising thighs! (as you see, I concentrate all my energies to things that truly matter)
I tell you, this year is the first that I don´t break out in hives when the word "sports" is been mentioned (figure skating is not just sports, I consider it a form of art). Who knew there was such joy to be absorbed while observing men in catsuits!... makes me understand my GBF a wee better, actually.
And sequined gloves! TatianaVolosozhar, while warming up wore the most fabulous sequined gloves. I HAVE TO have those, they need to be in my life right now! I would strut the living daylight outta those gloves, where does one acquire a pair!?!?!
Also, Ksenia Stolbova MUST be the most beautiful creature ever created. Seriously, she truly is perfection.
The woman could be doing atrocious things and I´d just be gazing in amazement about the elegance she did it with.

Then there´s the whole notion of excellence. Hundreds of people gathered to strive to be the fastest, the strongest, the most concentrated, to jump highest, to outperform themselves and others alike. The entire concentrated, nervous energy ready to explode at any given time.

So many emotions! Uncompromising thighs, men in catsuits, perfect beauty, big falls and conquering the pain, broken helmets (where the hickory heck are the paramedics when they are needed!), crushed dreams (giving a side-eye to you, Norwegian catsuitmanufacturers...tot-tot!) and above all...
sequined gloves. Are you hearing the bells as well? I am and I´m weeping here! It all just seems so terrifically dramatic as well. How about that speed skater from GB. One fraction, one split second of stupidity and she destroyed two other dreams alongside her own. And trust me, biggest punishment to her won´t be that she got hoisted out of the entire competition. She will carry on living her life, and this one little fraction of idiocy will follow her and haunt her and it will never let her go. She will go on living her life remembering this, blaming herself every day. The two others will remember this as well, and while it won´t be a peachy memory it´ll be less of a burden to them. They have somebody to blame. For the rest of their lives.
This is not just Olympics. These are stories about people. After these two weeks they will go back to their homes but their lives will never be the same. These days in Sochi will mold the rest of their lives and their performances can either break them or uplift them. The strongest will survive, they will use the fuel of disappointment to perfect their abilities, to outperform everybody and themselves. They will strive to again jump higher, to again be stronger, faster and better, well knowing that at any given time they could fall down. Despite that knowledge the strongest will go on, knowing that if they do fall, they will get up one more time.
They are the true winners. Falling down does not make one a failure, staying down will.

I´m so hyped, it´s incredible. And when a Russian man today muttered something to me in a grocery store (they always talk to me, Russians. Genetics, you see and the looks that follow. Also, high heels help in a country where love of sweatpants and flats blossom.) If they consider you to look like one of them, you are being bonded with. Now I really need to learn that language! It would so become my future sequined gloves.), I replied to him in French. No way would I reply in English (sorry guys) or in Finnish (I didn´t want to be cruel to him, after all) so I chose another language he´s most likely to understand. And then I walked away like a boss. It´s all in the genes, you see.

So you see, I already started. ´till the next time, ta-taa!

edit. Evgeni Plushenko is retiring. I have no words. Other than... Evgeni Plushenko is retiring.
I need to take a few moments now.


  1. Olym-what?

    from the blind spot

  2. The kind of Olym... where sequined gloves are found in. Sequinned gloves!
    The only thing I´m not thrilled about is hockey. To me it looks like group hysterics where grown men fight over a slab of rubber. Very aggressive, very unsettling, sans decorum.